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Night Whisper Lane is out now on Barnes And Nobles line of Nook / Nook HD Tablets

Another Big Announcement from EPX Games this week, We have just gotten word for Barnes And Noble that Night Whisper Lane has been approved for sale on there line of Nook and Nook HD Tablets. Download Now →

Night Whisper Lane Scenario 2: Boss Rush Mode is out now

Boss Rush Mode is a sequence of consecutive boss battles as an extra challenge to players. After each of the rounds the player will be awarded extra health and weapons as they prepare for the battles ahead. Weapons are limited in this mode so choose wisely.

Night Whisper Lane now on sale on Android via Google Play

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Night Whisper Lane featured in this week’s iOS suggestions

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Night Whisper Lane now on sale on Amazon's App Store

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Night Whisper Lane Reviews are out

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